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RM has built its name from elegantly unrestrained magnificence on the aesthetic sensibility and talent of its founder, Ruya Mocan, who once said of herself: "I am an Ottoman, and I want a mix of cultures." This is true in a number of interesting ways. Among her ancestors she can count Fethi Ahmet Pasha, who in the 18th century served as the first Ottoman Ambassador to Vienna. In 1732 he also built the famous Mocan Yali (also known more simply as the Pink House), which is the perhaps most elegant of all Istanbul's waterside mansions.

On an aesthetic level, her designs reflect and continue the eclecticism of late Ottoman design, in which Western and Eastern styles fuse harmoniously. This is apparent in her use of brilliant but never jarring colour and rich traditional textiles. In one of her interiors one can look up at a painted, Venetian ceiling and down at a kilim from the Thracian village of Şarköy. RM's signature style is a combination of Mocan's own artistic vision and her commitment to creating interiors that capture not only the soul of the space itself bu more importantly the unique characters and personal expression of her clients. Her approach is a journey of discovery and expression shared with her clients.